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Looking for a global partner to help your brand grow internationally?

Whether you're a startup or in growth mode, our guidance and global network will benefit your organization.

We take pride in understanding your company, its culture, and market advantages to transcribe success through our international locations. Structure and expertise to help you grow. A proven track record of achieving consistent growth, highly efficient at placement.

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Don't Let Circumstances Hold You Back

Are you facing challenges that are hindering your success?

Our goal is to become your field management office. We provide cost-effective solutions and the right professionals at every step of the sales process.

When SLiME expanded into Latin America and the Automotive OEM segment with their groundbreaking Tire Repair Kit, GLOWINT was there every step of the way, making introductions, securing placements, and managing the category at renowned retailers such as Wal-Mart, AutoZone, Home Depot, Lowe's, Soriana, and CENCOSUD throughout the Americas. We also became embedded within the organization to create a new Tire Repair Category that replaced spare tire in vehicles, achieving placements at Lexus, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, and more.

As your dedicated field management office, GLOWINT provides cost-effective solutions and pairs you with the right professionals at each stage of the sales process. Experience the transformative power of GLOWINT in growing your business.

Some of the Brands we have worked with

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

  • We provide retailers with competitive and trend analysis reports.

  • We help with packaging and brand guidelines.

  • We take the initiative with POS reports, forecasts, and ad-hoc reporting.

  • We proactively negotiate vendor agreements and handle paperwork.

  • We provide consultation on worldwide, regional, and in-country strategic account management.

  • We use our source to assist with product development opportunities.

  • We provide guidance on international regulations and product liability insurance.

  • We offer information on customer service services, including language barriers.

  • We provide retail sales training workshops for distributors and retailers on request.

  • We activate our global sales network.

  • Our Regional Managers deeply understand and study your brand.

  • We take an entrepreneurial approach.

  • We aim to be the category leaders, always.

  • We are developing a business approach that considers local market hurdles.

  • We arrange meetings with distributors and retailers in target countries.

  • We drive growth through business development, brand penetration, and market development.

  • We seek out influencers and partners for rapid product penetration.

  • We maintain open communication with all stakeholders.

  • We accompany your marketers or provide our own for line review proposals and presentations.

Enhance your brand's global presence and propel growth with our trusted Manufacturer Representative service and comprehensive Global Management Consulting expertise.

A strategy conscious aware of all stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Process to Success

It's time to break free from these limitations and achieve better results. We have the solutions to help you overcome these obstacles. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and unmotivated, and hello to a thriving sales pipeline and closed proposals.

Our holistic approach will shift your leadership from daily boxed processes to innovation and marketing culture to meet your clients' needs and create a valuable proposition.

Our Structure Provides

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Competitor profile information and updates.

  • Relationships with key stakeholders across supply chains.

  • Immediate understanding and response to market requirements.

  • Promotion of cross-regional success cases.

For your global growth needs, GLOWINT is here for you.